About Us

Family gatherings and Bigmama’s down-home Southern-style desserts ... just downright good for the soul! Bigmama's authentic Sweet Potato, Pecan and Pumpkin pies along with the Peach and Blackberry cobblers feature premium quality ingredients and savory spices baked in her signature butter crust.

Growing up, we loved going to our Bigmama’s (Grandmother’s) house. As soon as we’d step on the porch, her smile and the aroma would greet you at the door! Raised in the south, Bigmama always kept food on the stove – just in case family or friends happened to stop by. For years Bigmama cooked for her hotel/café, churches, and a variety of community functions. No written recipes or formal measurements - a spoon, teacup, and the magic of her hands ... always perfection! 

My Bigmama’s Kitchen honors a tradition of southern hospitality, family gatherings, and of course Bigmama’s authentic Southern Style cooking! Experience Bigmama’s time honored recipes, passed down through generations – rich with cultural heritage.  

Bigmama’s Down-Home, Southern Style Foods - made from scratch” quality and flavor consistent with those from Bigmama’s original kitchen!


Our Bigmama

The matriarch of our family; the epitome of love, faith, hard work, courage, strength, wisdom, perseverance, and style.  She is affectionately called Bigmama - not because of her stature, but because of her "place" in the family. 

At a young age, Bigmama learned to cook by helping her mother cook for colored men who were migrant workers in the sawmills of northwestern Louisiana. When Bigmama married, her family moved to Oklahoma where she cooked and kept house for a prominent family. Always enterprising, in the 1950’s she started her own hotel and restaurant. There she provided room and board for many black workers, commonly referred to as “Highliners”, who traveled throughout Oklahoma installing transmission electric lines. For years later, she continued to cook for church functions, socials, family reunions, baseball games, barbecues, and her own businesses. For over 75 years many have enjoyed the cooking from my Bigmama’s kitchen!     



Our Holidays

As kids, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners at Bigmama's house were so much fun! We would hear Bigmama and Mama preparing for the meals for days leading up to the holiday – finalizing the menu, grocery shopping, and always checking to see who had chittlins, sweet potatoes, and fresh mustard or collard greens available!

It was so exciting to see Bigmama and Mama in the kitchen; the time and effort they put in to carefully prepare such special family dinners – it was so personal to them. We would help at times, but we just didn’t feel qualified. And, it wasn’t like Bigmama, had any written recipes to follow. Plus, everybody wanted Bigmama’s and Mama’s cooking! 

That wonderful aroma filled the house - you could even smell the food cooking outside. We couldn’t wait to eat! We kept passing through the kitchen – “Is anything ready yet?”  Bigmama didn’t believe in making her grandkids wait until dinner to eat- so we got to taste whatever they were cooking! 

Finally, dinner was ready! Turkey, glazed ham, chittlins (with hot sauce), cornbread dressing, mustard and collard greens, black-eyed peas, real mashed potatoes, giblet gravy, cranberry sauce, cornbread, homemade rolls, pound cake, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, and Bigmama’s sweet potato pie! 

The house was full of laughter and everybody had a story to tell! After the family blessing, we would all eat (tables were set up everywhere), watch the football game, and go to sleep…and start eating again.

Mom and Bigmama

Mom and Bigmama